Specialty Leasing - Seaway Mall

The Specialty Leasing program at Seaway Mall is a cost-effective way to sell your products in high-traffic locations. Retail carts provide a professional, versatile and secure sales centre for apparel, gifts and novelty products.

Please fill out the form below or contact S. Michael Belcastro, Mall President

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    Seaway Mall does not supply tables and chairs. Will you be supplying tables and chairs?

    Insurance Certificate:

    The licensee agrees to be adequately insured for public liability and property damage in the amount of $5,000,000. This Agreement will not be accepted and executed by the Licensor unless a Certificate of Insurance had been provided within seven (7) days of the execution of the within Agreement bu the Licensee. The policy of the insurance shall name Doral Holdings Limited and 430635 Ontario Inc. as an additional insureds.

    Additional Information

    If any additional information is needed please contact:

    S. Michael Belcastro
    P. 905.734.9989
    E. smb@seawaymall.com

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