Answers to the top three commonly asked questions about the EarlyOn Centre opening Sept. 15th, at Seaway Mall

What is the EarlyOn Centre?

It is a Family Centre for you and your children to learn, play and grow. The EarlyON Centre offers free drop-in programs for parents/caregivers and children from birth to 6 years old. You can learn and play with your child, meet people and get advice.

Can I drop-off my children and leave?

The EarlyON Centre is a family-focused, inclusive environment for families to have a safe space to play, engage in social and physical activities and learn from qualified staff. It does not offer child-care services and children are not allowed to come in to the Centre without an adult.

What type of services does it offer?

  •         Knowledgeable and trusted staff that support families coming to the Centre
  •       Space that allows for physical activity
  •       Space for creative activities, such as colouring, making crafts and painting
  •       Space to be with friends and people of different ages from infants to adults
  •       Wide range of social activities, learning programs and resources for families in Niagara