Welland Church Offices Find New Home at Seaway Mall

Welland Be In Christ Church Seaway Mall


Welland, ON April 18, 2019 – February 24, 2019 marked a turning point for the Welland Be In Christ Church. “Firefighters were dispatched at 7:06 p.m. Sunday when multiple callers reported smoke and flames coming from the church on the north side of the street. Heavy smoke blew northeast from the blaze, creating poor visibility on side streets… Firefighters cleared the scene at 2:23 a.m., 7½ hours after they arrived.” Reported the Welland Tribune.

Although Firefighters “did an awesome job containing the fire” the damage remaining left the Church community of the Welland Be In Christ Church without a place to gather.

Earlier this month Welland Be In Christ Church opened up office space at Seaway Mall, giving their three Pastors the ability to continue overseeing the daily operations of the Church as well as counseling services.

“We approached the Seaway Mall shortly after the fire took place, knowing that having a day to day presence within the community is important for our parish, and within a few weeks and with tremendous help from the Seaway Mall Maintenance team the Welland BIC offices were up and running. With their support we were able to maintain consistency with our parish community throughout this time and we are very thankful for all their support” says Lead Pastor, Pastor Andrew Stulp.

“Hearing about the fire that affected the Church was devastating. Being able to offer the organization a place to conduct their business while they coordinate the rebuilding of their Church is a pleasure to the Seaway Mall.” says Michael Belcastro President of Seaway Mall.

Welland Be In Christ Church will keep these offices open for the remainder of 2019 as they focus on next steps for their church building. These offices are open to the public if anyone wishes to inquire about more information, newcomers are encouraged to join us for Sunday Morning Services taking place at 10:30am at the Welland Community Wellness Complex at 145 Lincoln Street, Welland, ON.


Contact information for Welland BIC Church,
Phone: 289-990-9327
Email: office@wbic.ca