Cineplex announces Renovations at Seaway Cinemas, Welland

Cineplex Seaway Cinemas

Welland Moviegoers Are Invited to Sit Back, Relax and Put Their Feet Up With New Recliner Seating at Cineplex Cinemas.

All Seats at Cineplex Odeon Seaway Mall Cinemas to be Replaced with Fully- Reclining, Luxury Seats.
November 21, 2016
Cineplex Entertainment (“Cineplex”) today announced that it will be replacing all of the seats at Cineplex Odeon Seaway Mall Cinemas with luxurious, fully-reclining seats.  All seven of the theatre’s auditoriums will be upgraded from standard cinema seats to fully-reclining seats in the upcoming months.  Construction on this project begins today and is expected to be completed by early 2017.
The high-back, extra-wide seats recline at the touch of a button for maximum comfort while enjoying a film.  The concept has been rolled out at select Cineplex theatres nationwide and has proved to be very popular with Canadian movie-goers.  “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the movie-going experience for our guests,” said Pat Marshall, Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Cineplex Entertainment. “Our guests absolutely love our fully-reclining seats and we’re confident that the Welland community will find it an ultra-luxurious and relaxing way to enjoy a film.” 
Movie-lovers don’t need to worry though as Cineplex Odeon Seaway Mall Cinemas will remain open to the public during the renovations.  While all of the theatre’s seven auditoriums will transition to fully-reclining seats over the coming months, Cineplex will undertake the installation and reopen the auditoriums in a phased approach.
More information, tickets, and showtimes are available at
Update December 13, 2016
Some auditoriums are now available for viewing with luxury reclining seats at Seaway Mall Cineplex Cinemas.  The new Star Wars Movie, Rogue One will premiere in one of these auditoriums on December 15th.
Update February 4th, 2017
All cinema theatres have been upgraded to luxury seating and are available for viewing at Seaway Cinemas.

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